Pet Pods

The Green and Growing Memorial

Pet Pods

The Green and Growing Memorial

The Green and Growing Memorial

Pet Pods is the only service to offer green and growing memorials for our four legged loved ones. The whole process couldn’t be simpler. You send us your pet’s remains and we treat, apportion and integrate those remains into our own proprietary organic soil mixture.

You choose the mature green and growing indoor or outdoor seedling species and we send you back your ready to plant “no muss, no fuss” pet pod. Pet Pods…just add love.

Why Pet Pods?

Pet Pods is the only eco friendly service to provide a green and growing memorial for your four legged loved ones. We do NOT send you a single tiny seed, which is subject to a very high failure to germinate rate. Nor do we send you a complicated “kit”, which requires you to handle your pets’ remains. Instead, their remains are already integrated into a fully rooted and growing 12” to 18” tall mature seedling of your choice in a 100% compostable container, which is ready to be planted outdoors or indoors. No muss, no fuss.

  • Step 1

    Mail us your pet’s remains in a sturdy envelope, box or padded mailer. Even if your Pet’s unfortunate passing was not recent, we will create a green and growing memorial to them.

  • Step 2

    We ship you back your green and growing Pet Pod, containing the mature outdoor or indoor tree seedling of your choice, nourished by an apportioned mix or your pet’s remains and our own proprietary organic soil, compost and additives. You never need to handle your pet’s remains. No muss, no fuss. Your Pet Pod memorial will be shipped to you free of charge.

  • Step 3

    Dig a hole outdoors (as per included instructions) and plant your Pet Pod memorial… compostable container and all.

  • OR

    Step 3b

    Plant your memorial Pet Pod indoors in a decorative 5 gallon (or larger) container of your choice.

  • Step 4

    Just add love… and water. Follow the included EZ Care instructions and enjoy the lush and rapid growth, as well as the fond memories.

A Portion Of Every Sale Will Be Donated To

Proprietary soil testing done in conjunction with Wallace Laboratories (

Plant a Tree and Heal the Planet.

Photosynthesis is the process by which indoor and outdoor trees and plants remove harmful Carbon Dioxide from the air we breathe and add healthy Oxygen in its’ place.

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Pet Pods is the only humane service to provide a green and growing memorial for your four legged loved ones. We do NOT send you seeds, which are subject to a very high failure to germinate rate Instead, we send fully rooted and growing 12” to 18” tall mature seedlings in a fully compostable and bio degradeable container, which is ready to be planted outdoors or indoors….your choice.
Just send them to us in a sturdy envelope, box or padded mailer. We also strongly suggest you get "tracking" info, just to be sure it arrives.
The remains we receive are carefully apportioned dependent on tree species and season. All, or the substantial majority of remains are used. If there are small amounts of left over remains, we will be happy to return them to you intact. See “return any unused remains” at checkout.
Of course. Keep however much you wish. We apportion the amount of the remains sent us with tree species selected, soil, nutrients and additives.
Simple. Either choose an indoor species or save the cremains and send them to us when the ground softens. In addition, you can plant an outdoor species in a five gallon container and keep it “out of the elements” in an enclosed but non heated porch or garage until the ground softens.

What Everyone Is Saying About Petpods

Thanks so much for giving us such a great option. My german shepherd, would have loved to know that he was helping to grow a tree (like most males, he loved to pee on every tree in the neighborhood). The whole process was really simple and easy.
We couldn’t be happier .

Mitch Ackerman

It was really hard to explain to our 5 year old daughter what happened to the family cat, Eloise. Now she waters the tree every weekend and shows it off to her friends. She also uses a measuring tape to see how well it is growing. She also did a science project for school about trees and plants helping the environment and called it Eloise. A really great way to deal with a really sad subject.

Jamie Lawrence

My wife and I spent the last 6 months wondering what to do with Oscar’s ashes, which were still sitting on a shelf. She found your website and we immediately ordered a dogwood (I thought it was funny to order a dogwood, but my wife didn’t think so). Planting in our little garden was super easy. Like your ad says, “no muss, no fuss” and I couldn’t be happier.

Ethan Teller

I looked at another company that was going to send me a “seed” to plant and care for (for around the same cost), but then found out that most of those seeds are stockpiled for months or even years and never even sprout. Sooooo much better having an already alive and growing little tree. Immediate gratification. Thanks a lot. My mother still has the ashes from three cats from the past 18 years and she told me she was going to send them to you. Thanks again.

Leslie Hellman

A super cool service. My wife and I lost our springer spaniel to a speeding truck and we’ve been staring at his ashes for about three months. It was all really easy. His Pet Pod has already grown in the three weeks since we got it. Super easy to plant in our backyard. We got a pine because we live up north and it can double for a Christmas tree, and we like the smell. Also, my wife likes to collect and color the cones. Thanks again.

Connor Duffy

Both our kids were having a tough time adjusting to the death of our 17 year old siameese. It was their first encounter with the subject, but they both really got into the whole idea of helping the environment and both insisted on planting the pet pod outside their bedroom window themselves. Our eldest, Nan, who is eleven (going on thirty) actually opens the window and tries to pour water on the little Maple growing there. Couldn’t have been a better experience for all concerned.

Ivy Hausman

Thanks so much for providing an indoor tree option. I live in a big city apartment and couldn’t figure out what to do with my little dog’s ashes. You guys really solved my problems. I love the potted palm and it grows really well near my west facing window. It’s the same window that Mr. Max used to stare out for hours at a time. Also. it’s great to have another “green and growing” air filter in the apartment to counteract some of the big city pollution.

Lesley Schreger