One of our clients, Anna, who had already sent us the remains of her recently departed “Amazin’ Mutt”, just emailed us an interesting inquiry. She says that she has accumulated thirty plus years of her four legged loved ones’ ashes in various places throughout the house, literally gathering dust and intermittently forgotten. One is still in a plastic bag inside a drawer. Two others are gathering dust atop a shelf in the front closet. A fourth is part of a clutter of crockery inside an urn on a shelf in her kitchen (to each his own). Sadly, she can’t yet find the remains of her Maine Coon Cat, which she thinks might have been lost in a family move to Pensacola in 2004. She said she loved each and every one, and had always intended to memorialize them in some way, but the years past quickly, as they tend to do, and there they sat. Anna said she literally bumps into them on occasion, which makes her sad and guilty, and promises herself that she will eventually do ”something” for them. To make matters worse, her husband takes an unkindly view of multiple bags of ashes gathering dust around the house.

Fortunately, she is very happy with the indoor Pet Pod Ficus tree, which we recently created for her with “Amazin’ Mutts” remains and so she asked if we could do the same with her gaggle of 30 year old ashes. The answer: Of course! Cremated remains are comprised primarily of calcium and saline, both of which last nearly forever. (Just ask any archeologist)
Bottom line: There is no need to leave your loved ones ashes literally lying around and gathering dust. Not when we can provide a forever green and growing memorial to them.


PS Sure, we know this sounds like a shameless plug, but we’ve received a surprisingly large number of inquiries from others asking if they can send us “old” ashes.
PPS Anna sent us four more loved ones for our service. Thanks Anna. The search of her Maine Coons’ remains continues.