Stella Speaks

Happy (belated) National Dog Day

To all our four-legged friends and relations: Happy Day After National Dog Day! Yeah, I know we officially celebrated yesterday. However, that single inauspicious day was a real letdown (I got one extra crappy cracker for dessert) which led me to think about the obvious inequality at work here: After all, we celebrate de facto […]

Why We Eat Grass

One of my favorite outdoor activities is hanging out at the dog run, sniffing unsuspecting canine privates and pretending I’m getting much needed exercise (but only when my owner is watching). However, what I’m actually doing is listening incredulously to the assembled pack of dog whisperer wannabee owners champion idiotic insights into their canines behaviour. […]

Crossing The Rainbow Bridge

Hi. So, recently I mentioned that my adopted forever family recently lost their pet cat, Stanley. He and me had some minor “issues” at the beginning (doesn’t pooping indoors inside a box seems a little anti social?), but worked them all out without using our claws. Anyway, the family was really upset and they kept […]

Ashes Gathering Dust

One of our clients, Anna, who had already sent us the remains of her recently departed “Amazin’ Mutt”, just emailed us an interesting inquiry. She says that she has accumulated thirty plus years of her four legged loved ones’ ashes in various places throughout the house, literally gathering dust and intermittently forgotten. One is still […]

Live Like a Dog: The Moment is All That Matters

Our American bulldog, Stella, came to us from a grungy gulag rescue shelter. Her previous owner had tried to train her to fight (mistakenly believing that all “bullies” are naturally born killers) and, in so doing, had broken her jaw (which was never reset) and subjected her to all manner of tortuous inducements. When he […]

Life Sucks Sometimes

Lets’ face it, life sucks sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. It sucks when we’re sad and doesn’t when we’re glad and nothing makes us gladder than interacting with a loved one. Pretty basic stuff, right? Sure, we love our wife, hubby and kids – we kinda’ have to… and sometimes they show their love for […]

Green and Growing Memorial

Few things in life hurt worse than the loss of a family pet. Pet Pods is the only service to offer green and growing memorials for our four legged loved ones.