Pet Pods is the only humane service to provide a green and growing memorial for your four legged loved ones. We do NOT send you seeds, which are subject to a very high failure to germinate rate. Instead, we send fully rooted and growing 12” to 18” tall mature seedlings in a fully compostable and biodegradable container, which is ready to be planted outdoors or indoors….your choice.
That’s true. Most won’t admit it. However, our proprietary treatment and enrichment process stabilizes both the PH balance and salinity in order to eliminate those problems and we Lab test our samples to insure the best possible growing environment for our Pods.
Just send them to us in a sturdy envelope, box or padded mailer. We also strongly suggest you get "tracking" info, just to be sure it arrives.
It usually takes only two weeks in our nursery for your pet’s remains to be integrated and for the rooting system to take. Then two to three additional days for return shipping. You will be notified via email throughout the process and provided with tracking info.
Simple. Either choose an indoor species or save the cremains and send them to us when the ground softens. In addition, you can plant an outdoor species in a five gallon container and keep it “out of the elements” in an enclosed but non heated porch or garage until the ground softens.
Sure, seasonal weather permitting, many customers move their indoor container to an outdoor deck or yard. Just make sure the tree can survive in the seasonal conditions.
The remains we receive are carefully apportioned dependent on tree species and season. All, or the substantial majority of remains are used. If there are small amounts of left over remains, we will be happy to return them to you intact. See “return any unused remains” at checkout.
Of course. Keep however much you wish. We apportion the amount of the remains sent us with tree species selected, soil, nutrients and additives.
Sure, just open the urn and remove and send us the sealed plastic bag inside, containing your pet's remains. We handle the rest.
Of course. You don’t need a “green thumb” to follow our simple planting and easy care Instructions.
Absolutely, all our species are non toxic to cats and dogs. The sole exception is the Ficus Elastica. If you want this species and your pet is a "plant chewer", please place the Pet Pod out of their reach (on a window sill, table, stool, etc), or spray the accessible leaves with a proven taste deterent like Bitter Apple or Bitter Yuck.
Sure, rabbits, pot belly pigs, hamsters, etc. We recently created a Pet Pod for an iguana and a goat. Essentially, anything crematable can be turned into a green and growing memorial Pet Pod.
Mature seedlings come from select certified nurseries, which cater to a complete cross section of growing zones nationwide. They are then tended to at our own certified nursery, Memorial Nursery (California Department of Food and Agriculture license #C2161.001).
Yes, we are the only Licensed nursery in the USA marketing green and growing trees as memorials, not common storage seeds. (California Department of Food and Agriculture license# C2161.001) .
Sorry, but for obvious reasons this is not practical. Once integrated into our proprietary soil mixture, the remains can not be separated.
Yes, patent pending