Few things in life hurt worse than the loss of a family pet. Pet Pods is the only service to offer green and growing memorials for our four legged loved ones.

The whole process couldn’t be simpler. You send us your pet’s remains and we treat, apportion and integrate those remains into our own proprietary organic soil mixture, which controls the PH balance and salinity and guarantees quick healthy growth.

You choose the mature green and growing indoor or outdoor seedling species. Not a single little seed, which has a really high failure to germinate rate. After a couple of weeks of tending to in our nursery, the roots have taken and the seedling is mature and growing and we send you back your ready to plant pet pod.

The container itself is 100% compostable. Just dig a hole outdoors or indoors and follow our simple instructions.

Year after year, your green and growing tree will honor the memory of your four legged loved one and enrich the environment.
Pet Pods…just add love.