To all our four-legged friends and relations: Happy Day After National Dog Day!

Yeah, I know we officially celebrated yesterday. However, that single inauspicious day was a real letdown (I got one extra crappy cracker for dessert) which led me to think about the obvious inequality at work here: After all, we celebrate de facto National Pet Owners Day 24/7 and 365 days a year. Okay, there is no official Pet Owners Day, but you get the point. When are we ever not there with a comforting nuzzle or an affectionate kiss?? Seems pretty fair and obvious that “every day” should be National Dog Day. We don’t ask much in return for our forever love and affection. An occasional stroll or cuddle, a cup full of kibble, a warm blanket by the fire (or radiator). We don’t need a parade or an anthem! Just a little quid pro quo: love us as much as we love you! Just sayin’.

PS to all our French poodle and French bulldog friends (except you, snotty Pierre): Jour heureux après le jour de Chien national!