Lets’ face it, life sucks sometimes. Not always, but sometimes. It sucks when we’re sad and doesn’t when we’re glad and nothing makes us gladder than interacting with a loved one. Pretty basic stuff, right?

Sure, we love our wife, hubby and kids – we kinda’ have to… and sometimes they show their love for us in return – they kinda’ have to. But, and I know I’m speaking for a lot of us, nobody loves us more or better or more sincerely than our pets. We can return from a two minute trip to the mailbox and they will treat us like we’ve been on a two year trek in the Himalayas. We can mistakenly step on their paw and they will still slather our face with big wet kisses. For them, a short walk in the park is a Magical Mystery Tour of sights sounds and smells, and we’re the Grand Wizard. I could go on, but you get the idea. Pets are the incarnation of unqualified love. They make us glad!! Those are the times when life doesn’t suck. When we’re curled up on the couch with them, or tossing them a tennis ball, or making them “high-five” for a snack.

Unfortunately, every yin has its yang and “for everything, there is a season”. Nothing makes us sadder than the death of a loved one. Sure, intellectually, we knew they would not live forever and that the Big Wheel keeps on turning. But, that doesn’t help fill the gaping hole in our hearts.

How best to prepare for and cope with the “transition” of a four legged loved one? How to celebrate their lives and retain the memories that make us glad?

We have researched some of the most respected and sympathetic experts in the field (as well as some accomplished amateurs, like myself) and will be presenting their advice about this and related issues in the coming months.