One of my favorite outdoor activities is hanging out at the dog run, sniffing
unsuspecting canine privates and pretending I’m getting much needed exercise (but
only when my owner is watching). However, what I’m actually doing is listening
incredulously to the assembled pack of dog whisperer wannabee owners champion
idiotic insights into their canines behaviour.

Yesterday, they watched a lasa Apso, named Claire, chow down on a patch of
enticing green grass. Two minutes later (and right on cue) she upchucked a frothy
green gruel, of which The Exorcist special effex team would have been jealous. This
gooey projectile led her owner (Professor Stupid) to explain that Claire was
demonstrating the need for additional fiber in her diet, which led another know it all
owner to counter with the notion that Claire suffered from gastro intestinal distress
and just wanted to throw up in order to feel better (we’ve all been there). Five
minutes later the whole gaggle of owners were actively debating the issue…towards
what end, I do not know.

Here’s the deal: we don’t know why we eat grass…It’s something primal and
probably goes all the way back to our ancient ancestors, the wolves. Plus, let’s face
it…some of us are loathe to admit that grass tastes great (don’t knock it until you try
it). and others of us just like to throw up whenever possible.